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A cause for customers who have been wronged by big companies and left to feel small.

You're not alone!

In light of the recent consumer scandals involving companies such as Wells Fargo, Wal-Mart, and Hot Point; Secret Eyes Everywhere is seeking to bring awareness to poor customer service practices through it's #AllCustomersMatter Online Campaign Protest launching on November 25, 2016.

The mission of the campaign is to do the following:

 1) unite customers who have been wronged by big companies and left to feel small

2) bring global awareness to the growing issue of unethical company practices and poor customer service.

3) give hope to customers who have been mistreated due to race, sexual orientation, disability, or other various reasons.

To show their support, participants are asked to purchase a shirt, wear it on Black Friday (while shopping or out), and photograph themselves while wearing it out using #AllCustomersMatter on all social media platforms.

A portion of all proceeds generated will go towards the partnering company's initiatives.

"Our hope is to send an unequivocal message to the companies who put profits before people. That we, the customers, are stronger in force together. Our mission is not just about race, sexual orientation, or religion; it's about customer service and doing what's in the best interest of the customer"