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When is it ever OK to attack a customer?

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Man Gets Charged Hundreds for Account He Did Not Open,  AT&T Offers No Help

Love is in the air for many.  For some, their cheerful day of love was cheated by disappointment read why.

Week Before:

Bad Customers & Bad Customer Service Should NOT be Tolerated

Here is our lucky seven countdown of the most heart-warming, viral customer service stories of the year and the individuals behind them.

​Blac Chyna is not the only celebrity to use their family drama for profits and self promotion.

Are You Willing to Pay for Customer service?

How to Protect Yourself from Getting Ripped Off This Holiday Season

Homophobia & Customer Service

For a new company having such a hot commodity, this may be a classic case of limited supply vs huge demand.

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Customer Service & Nationality: Does a person’s country of origin define their customer service standards?

Car Salesman: Are they really on your side?

Buyer BeWare

Sprint's newest gimmick to gain new customers. Learn if you meet the requirements.

We've all witnessed it-the rep gone wild. Yet Secret Eyes wonders Why work in customer service if you hate customers?

Do celebrities have an unfair advantage when it comes to customer service?

Are these companies influencing candid customer reviews?

Before you sign the lease on your next rental, checkout this list of questions you must ask your potential landlord.​​

Should there ever be a reason that justifies a worker’s actions against a verbally abusive customer?

Is Customer Service for You?

McDonald’s Customer Gets Robbed in Drive Thru. How to prevent this from happening to you!

Why Customers Hate Online Banking: Does this apply to you?

Why should it take a Congress mandated week to appreciate customers?

After witnessing this shocking victory, here are a few things that companies struggling in the customer service department can learn from Trump.​

In the famous words of Nicki Minaj, Are big companies "sh*ting on" customers?

With so many channels of communication, there’s no excuse for a company not to create a happy customer experience. Here are 3 ways how…

STOP Saying “Your call is important
to us” when it’s not

Bathroom Bill & Customer Service: Inclusion or Exclusion?

Do onto others as you wish to be done onto you. Such fine words of wisdom many people ignore. Do you?

All Talk with Talk Talk

Find out if your company is committing one or all of these crimes.

Donald Trump’s Popularity Tanked Before His Inauguration, Here’s What You as a Customer Can Learn from It

Stop complaining, Get Results: 5 Ways to Get the Solution You Want

So Wells Fargo screwed you? Here’s 3 things you should do to get them back.

Irrational Customers: Are you one?

Kylie Cosmetics: Huge Demand, Little Service

Woman’s Guide to New Car Buying: What to look out for and listen to without getting screwed

Are American expectations for customer service set too high or did this customer make a valid claim?

Secret Eyes Mystery Shops: Jim Ellis Audi of Marietta

No matter how convincing car salesman are do they really have your best interest at heart?

​Ladies don't just blindly go into dealerships. Learn what you should look out for.

Customer Service Week Is B.S.

Why was Hotpoint able to get away with murder?

Consider Talk Talk for services? Think twice.

Good Cops Do Exist

2016 Customer Service Highlights​

Believe you exude these virtues? Find out if you're a C.S.D.M.

It Never Hurts to Say Thank You

Profits before Customers

Over the weekend Thorne's Market lived up to its name as it stabbed not only it's employees in the back but the entire Oil City PA community.​

Uber Drivers Cancel Low Paying Rides in Favor of Higher Paying Ones

Fiverr is the go to place for entrepreneurs but is it a true value or waste of time and money?

Customer Service: What's Color Got to Do with It?

Considering this year is coming to an end, here are our thoughts, praises, and predictions about customer service for 2017.

Does it really exist or have the gay discrimination claims gone too far?

When It comes to receiving subpar customer service, what kind of complainer are you?

Customer Energy: When it comes to complaining for results, what kind of customer are you?

Instead of going from zero to 100 real quick, consider doing this instead.

Dress Shopping? Think twice before using this e-retailer. Find out who.

With so much negative news surrounding airlines these days, here are a list of the top-rated Airline according to customer service.

You spoke and Secret Eyes heard. Here are the Best & Worst companies of the Super Bowl 50.

Is it a case of a bad customer or bad customer service?

Negative customer service experiences make switching  companies a no brainer. but not considering this.

Fast Food Worker Puts Her Menstrual Blood & Saliva on Customer’s Food

How One Company’s Fake Reviews Turn Customers into Victims

Has it created a rift or inclusion in a homophobic society?

The Customer Service 411: Super Bowl 50 Edition

Top Customer Service Influencers for 2017

Clinton Gets Trumped: What Companies Can Learn About Customer Service from This Election

7 Virtues of Customer Service Difference Makers

How many times should a customer give a company to make things right?

As the online/mobile banking trend rages, it also enrages. Find out why.

It's the traveling season and some companies are being hit harder than others. Find out who.

Dear Companies, Customers Hate This.

Public Safety Alert: What You Should Do In Event of a Terrorist Attack

What do police have in common with customer service? More than you know.

Honest cultural/ nationality barrier when it comes to customer service or ruthlessly pushing for the sale? You tell us.​

Is the deal of a lifetime really worth it?

3 Ways to Keep Customer Service Professional

Farm to Table: Are Restaurants Lying to Get Your Money?

Most Loved & Hated Airlines According to Customer Service

Celebrities & Customer Service

Customers: Trapped but Won’t get out!

Is it an insult or compliment to switch to a station they think the customer likes?

Customer Claims Asians and Customer Service Just Don’t Mix

It's Black History Month and Secret Eyes couldn’t help but notice a few distinctive tweets regarding African Americans in customer service.  Find out  what they say.

Customers are talking about your company. Is it a good thing or not?

The Top Seven Customer Service Stories of 2016 Countdown

Sales Sales and more Sales. Here are some tips to know if that sale is really a sale or just bait to get you in the door.

As a airline customer, know your rights when it comes to overbooked flights.

So you ditched your service provider but want to keep the email account? Here are a few tips.

Thorne's Market Closes Town’s Only 2 Grocery Stores Without Explanation Before Thanksgiving, Community Devastated

Customers hate this common business practice. See what it is.

In their hey-day, these companies where America’s bread & butter. Find out who they are.

Here are our picks for 2017 top customer service influencers. Learn who they are.

Is Your Customer Service on fleek?

Here are some golden rules on how not to get screwed over by rental car copies.

FIVERR: For $5 Does The Customer Really Get What You Paid For?

Learn why it’s important for us as customers to congratulate the reps for a job well done.

How far does your freedom of speech go when it comes to leaving honest online reviews?


Switching Companies? Do this one thing 1st.

Holiday Shopping: Has it been a deal or deal breaker?

If you’re one of the millions of Wells Fargo customers affected by the fake credit card/ account scam, consider doing this.

Flirting or Great Customer Service?

The customer service rep states "To better serve you, I want to get to know you a little better". Are they eager to help or just flirting? You decide.

While  AT&T’s customer service is no surprise to us, it was for this customer.​

Complaining via social media alone is not enough. Consider using these to get the results.


The most amazing sports spectacle is finally here. See how it relates to Customer Service

Is your profile scary or off-putting to customer service reps? Is it preventing you from getting the help you need?

Top 3 Ways Hotpoint Failed Customers

Customer Reviews & SLAPP Laws: Shouldn’t you be allowed to say what you want?

The Customer Service 411: Easter Spring Break Edition!

These incidents may be few but they still occur. Here are some tips on what you can do to protect yourself from this happening.

Should globally recognized brands offer promos in one country and not another? 

4 Things to do Before Choosing a Cable Provider

Sprint to Give Customers a Free Year of Service for Switching

Workplace unprofessionalism is one of the number one causes of accidents and disputes. It’s exactly what happened here. 

In light the recent terrorist activities, here's what you can do to stay safe.​

Before offering your customers advice do this.

Is it an insult or compliment to switch to a station they think the customer likes?

When it comes to the farm to table fad, are restaurants truly getting the food fresh from the farm as they claim or is this just another corporate scam for dollars?

3 Tips to Creating Customer Happy Experiences

Top 3 Retailers Declining Due to Bad Customer Service

Uber Drivers & The Radio: 

Top 3 Ways Your Customer Service Sucks

Secret Eyes Mystery Shops: Internal Revenue Service

Should you or someone you know become arrested and/or detained due to racial profiling, here are steps on what you should do.

Last Week:

Dear companies, 47% of customers dislike this phrase, so Stop using it.

Are Celebrities Using Social Media To Connect With Customers or Promote Products?

Dragged Off Flight Due to Overbooking? Here’s What You Should Know.

As if fast-food could not get any more disgusting, a worker decides to take care of a customer in her own way.

How would you rate most retailers with customer service during the busiest shopping season of the year?

When it comes to dealing with customers with children, the dealer leaves more to be desired.

Thinking of switching cable providers? Before you sign on the dotted line, here’s what you should know.

Don’t end up like Trump. Learn from his mistakes of what not to do when it comes to receiving customer service.

Experiencing an issue with the IRS, find out how you can apply what we learned to change your experience.

5 ways the Olympics relates to Customer Service

Every one has experienced it, an absolutely horrible customer service experience, but some say their willing to pay for great customer service. Would you?

Profile Blocking You from Great Customer Service?

The Email Account Blues: Cancel the Service Provider, Keep the Email Account

Walmart Worker Strikes a Customer with Cart, Customer Sues

Customer Tolerance: Is it 3 Strikes You’re Out?

Don't just complain to vent, complain to get results. Here are 3 steps how.​

Racial Profiling While Shopping: Here's What You Should Do

The Customer Service 411: Valentine’s 2016 Edition