Detect.  Inform.  Advocate. amend.

Gerrell McAllister of customer of PayPal
University Place, WA

Received $1200 from a stranger on Pay Pal and returned it. Strangers have rewarded him with more money and words of encouragement.

Officer Sgt. David Robinson

Glen Allen, OH

Drove grieving man over 100 miles back home to be with his family.

For his work he is honored.

Shirt: #GoodCopDavid#GoodCopsDoExist

Staff of Hungry Howie’s Pizza
Holland, MI

After not receiving an order from their regular customer, Adrian Van Nieuwland, employees called and went to his home to check on him. Once there, the staff found him laying on the floor, unable to get up. Van Nieuwland was taken to the hospital, where the Hungry Howie’s employees visited him. Sadly, he passed away.

John Goodlett of Enterprise Car Rental
Tulsa, Ok

Helped a distressed mom of twins as she rented a car, by holding one child.

For his work he is honored.


Austin Wilson of 7-Eleven
Glen Burnie, MD

Found man unconscious on the floor in bathroom from overdose and called 911; saving the man's life.

Lora Jackson of Old Navy
Warner Robbins, GA

Used her lunch break to give a mom 30 minutes of shopping time as she cared for her infant son. Including calming the baby, walking him around the store, and walking the family to their car once shopping was over.

Pauline of Safaricom
Nakuru, Kenya

Took the time to patiently assist a disabled customer. Customers were so impressed by her service that #safaricomlady started  trending on Twitter.

Customer Service Rep Tonya of Capital One

Glen Allen, VA

Sent flowers to a broken-hearted customer. For her work she is honored.

Shirt: #SeeaTonyaBeaTonya