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Secret Eyes Everywhere began as a result of one person’s passion to seek justice for a wrong doing of a thoughtless company.

Here is how the story begins:

On a weekday evening, our founder innocently parked his car in available downtown street parking.

After returning, he discovered the front end of his car was horribly wrecked. There was no one around to witness what happened. Nor were there any street cameras to capture the accident. Fortunately for him, someone did witness the accident - an anonymous bystander - hence Secret Eyes.

The Good Samaritan left a napkin on his car’s windshield including the time, tag, description, and company name of the truck which wrecked his car. However, they did not leave any contact information on themselves.

Equipped with the general facts, our founder went on a wild goose chase to find the company. Unfortunately, the stubborn company owner refused to accept accountability for his driver’s irresponsible actions, leaving our founder with a wrecked vehicle.

This unpleasant experience was the motivation which gave birth to Secret Eyes Everywhere- Your Customer Service Advocate.

At Secret Eyes Everywhere, we seek to bring the justice back to customer service. Not only to the customers but to the businesses who continuously work hard to improve customer service.

We shine light on the Good and the Bad but always the

Mission Statement
To internationally reform the customer service of the social media society one company & customer at a time

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